Cie Vent de Sable was created in 2004 by the choreographer Rayddine Bouhadja who is one of the rare Algerian choreographers that decided to stay in his country. Unlike his contemporaries, Rayddine’s life is not written by performances on the world’s biggest stages even tough his creative imagination is of same quality. In the 1990’s he was a street hip-hop dancers. Subsequently, he enrolled the Institute for performing arts Bordj Al-Kifen  in Algiers where he studied contemporary dance. Not having enough money, he sleeps on the streets of the capital… Not wanting to leave his home country, he tries to build his career in the place where nobody cares about contemporary dance even tough the schools exist. During his studies he participated in several workshops by renowned companies and dancers: Accrorap, Kafig, Pokemon Crew, dancers from Metaforce Crew and Vagabond Crew, Angelin Preljocaj, Hit Compagnie and Jean-Claude Galotta.  In 2004, he decided to found his own company, Cie Vent de Sable with dancers Raouf Bakkouche, Abdelhak Zeggar, Samir Cheriro, Walid Borni and Hamza Billel. The company has worked with Nacera Belaza, Cie Metamorphoses, Melting Force Crew, Naily Clan, Teatri del Vento, Cie Hérve Koubi et les Bancs Publics. In 2007, the company meets Croatian producer, Berislav Juraic, who in 2008 becomes the company’s producer. On the Algerian side, the Company is produced by Rabie Makhlouf.  The Company's speciality is a mixture of contemporary dance and Algerian hip-hop.



El-Harraga (2009)

Silence, we are filming (2008)

The work on the 6th day (2007)

Nooormal (2007)

Good morning, St. Etienne (2006)

A Short Discourse About Crazines (2006)

El-Kachbiya (2005)

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