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Premiere:  9 November 2006
Choreographer: Rayddine Bouhadja
Production:  Compagnie Vent de Sable
Co-production: French cultural centre Annaba,  Association Artista club
Length: 20 min

A short discourse about craziness is a fruit of 30-days long artistic residence at the psychiatric hospital.
The performance traces an organisational history of dealing with craziness.
Craziness fascinates us, troubles us and scares us…
In this short choreographical discourse the crazy cry plainful tears. They would like never to move again, never breath and disappear forever in the depths of the earth, rolled in a knot of unspeakable anxiety.
The spasms pound their throats and it seems as if their body parts will completly dislocate.
A fear more intense than anything they've experienced so far, pulsates in the interior of their heads, bangs into their stomacks and turns their bodies….

Crazy from birth
Mentally ill
Crazy because of drugs
Agressivly crazy
Crazy because of poorness
Crazy because of magic
Crazy because of scientific research
Crazy because of military service
Their lives, their dreams, their roles…

Experience their pain and their suffering in order to raise awarness so that it is not forgotten this is the goal of this short discourse.

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