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Premiere: 25 July 2007
Choreographer:  Rayddine Bouhadja
Assistant choreographer: Raouf Bakkouche
Dancers: Raouf Bakkouche, Hamza Billel, Walid Borni,  Rayddine Bouhajda, Samir Cherirou, Abdelhak Zeggar
Music:  Farouk Houhamdi, Adel Benatiya
Co-production:  Compagnie Vent de Sable, French Cultural Centre Annaba
Postproduction and tour :  Just a must creations (Berislav Juraic)
If you know a little bit about Algeria, you’ll understand the meaning of this word that is pronounced by a continuous o and rolling an R.

Nooormal  is the expression used on every street corner. It’s a way of life.

Ask a young Algerian if he is okay, and he will reply « nooormal » !
It goes without saying that this word is heavy in meanings.

And this is convenient because this creation wants to have a meaning.
It speaks about the difficulty of growing up in Algeria, about  neccessity of searching of our own roots (which ?), the force in writing our own future erasing tabous and shaping our identity in all the liberty...

Seven scens of generous, dense and sensual choreographic signature that touch us deeply.
The engagement of Algerian dancer reminding us of our existence...
It is here that we witness the suffering of bodies, their bodies and the pain of the soul, their souls.
But rest assured that this interior suffering, for them, this is so nooormal !...

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