20 April 2010

The Company will be on tour in the Middle East from 23 April to 4 May 2010 with their latest production, El-Harrag. It will present the show on 28 April 2010 at Al-Kasaba Théâtre and Cinémathèque during Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival in Palestine and after that on 2 and 3 May in Amman and Zarqa in Jordan during Zakharef in Motion – Amman Contemporary Dance Festival.


12 November 2009

Member of the Company, Raouf Bakkouche is currently working with Balkis Moutashar for a contemporary dance project entitled ‘Lautretranger’ during the Rencontres à l’Echelle in Marseille, France. The performances will take place from 12 to 14 November 2009.


6 November 2009

Only two days after the premiere, Cie Vent de Sable, the only contemporary dance/hip-hop company in Algeria, is on its way to Morocco to present the extracts from “El-Harrag” and animate a workshop during Festival Action-Danse organised by Cie Fleur d’Orange. The Company will perform  on 10 November 2009 in Meknes, 16 November in Rabat and 20 November in Casablanca


3 November 2009

The premiere of the new creation by Cie Vent de Sable in coproduction with Croatian company REZ will take place on 5 november 2009 at 19h in Restaurant Village (Boulevard Saouli Abdelkader, facing entrance to Lycée Saint-Augustin).


26 October 2009

Company REZ from Croatia has arrived last week to Annaba for a 3 week residency at the French cultural centre in Annaba to work with Cie Vent de Sable. The residency will result in creation of contemporary dance, hip-hop and new circus show based entitled „El-Harrag“ (immigrant or literally the one who burns the papers). The performance is  constructed from the artists' experiences and the collection of interviews with real harragas who have or have not succeeded in their adventure. Their stories are incorporated in order to create the base of this innovative performance that uses new technologies to create scenic landscapes, notably wii remote.


15 June 2009

Cie Vent de Sable has become the first contemporary dance company that has a Youtube channel. Visit !

The video extracts of Nooormal can been visualised in the socialising web game Second life, precisely i n JaM theatre. Click here to see.

And to complete the list, you can find here the Facebook group.
Thus the Company has become the first in Algeria to almost completely embrace the new technologies.



10 June 2009

An Algerian daily newspaper, El-Watan has published an article about the Company. You can read it here in French only for now.


8 June 2009

The Company was selected to perform at the 1st International contemporary dance festival which will be held from 10 to 16 July 2009 in Algiers.



24 April 2009

The company is presenting Nooormal on 30 April 2009 at the Kahett Ben Zaydounne theatre in Algiers at the Festival Sada during the celebrations of the International Dance Day.



15 March 2009

In February, the Company performed Nooormal in Algiers for the tenth time since 2007. Currently, the Company is in production of a short 3-minute choreography which will be premiered in June as well as the project El-Harraga for October and November